About SoftStrings

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SoftStrings Yarn Designs is apart of SoftStrings Gift Shop. Yarn Designs brings the crochet lessons and free patterns to you! Crochet is a wonderful hobby, talent and art. SoftStrings Yarn designs recognizes that you have the ability to create wonderful things with your hands, string and a hook! Let SoftStrings be apart of your crochet journey! Imagination, design and art is important SoftStrings and wants to share that with you! SoftStrings is an online resource to help you gain the confidence to create wonderful things!!! Free Patterns to get you started, Basic tutorials, and lessons are all apart of SoftStrings Yarn Designs!

About Brittany

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With an adoration of all things quality and handmade, Brittany desires to put the two together. Growing up, Brittany has always had a love for crafts and making things by hand. Crochet was a skill that she picked up several years ago and from there, she fine tuned her skills. Jewelry and bead work is another skill she has been practicing for quite some time.

Creating things from basic materials is something that Brittany enjoys to do. Now she wants to share her creations and art with you! By bringing in two key values, Handmade and quality, she wants to make sure her work can be shared all over, at an affordable price.

With exceptional attention to detail and a determination to create high quality items, Brittany’s business, SoftStrings Yarn Designs will be sure to deliver that in everything she sells.

Among crochet and jewelry making, Brittany loves to cook home-style dinners for her family and friends, bake all sorts of treats, keep a garden in which she cans and preserves all her food, sewing and keeping an awesome home within the chaos of kids and family life.