Top-Hat Girls are Finally Here!

After some time designing, creating, writing, testing and editing, the Top-Hat girls crochet pattern is finally available for purchase in Ravelry and Etsy!

Ravelry: Top Hat Tea Party Girls

Etsy: Top Hat Tea Party Girls

A few things about this pattern:

Works Up Quick

This doll works up quick! The testers of this pattern certainly enjoyed it. The instructions are very clear and there is no guess work with this doll. Clear instructions means more time crocheting rather than scratching your head!

Room For Creativity

While the pattern is geared towards making the example dolls as shown, there is room for your very own personal touches, what color boots, skirt or blouse? Which bead/pendent would you add to the vest. How about ribbons and decorations on the top hat? How will you style the dolls hair? This pattern allows you to add your own stamp on the doll you create.

Tested & Tested Again

This Pattern was tested for any design flaws, confusing literature and broken links. Testers say it’s well written, pictures are helpful and relevant to the pattern and links are not broken and safe to use. You will not be displeased with this pattern.

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as the awesome pattern testers and myself do. Until next time –

Happy Stitching!

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